Friday, September 03, 2004


Finally - the weekend. And a long one, to boot.

No "customers" yet in CLC; my first scheduled juvenile delinquent is next Wednesday. I looked at his discipline record in the computer; last year (in 8th grade) he was suspended for fighting, and again for threatening a student. Then he was expelled for threatening the same student again. His parents must be so proud.
*oh boy* Something to look forward to.

Spent the day frogging a sweater from Goodwill - 70% lambswool, 20% angora, and 10% nylon. Laceweight. I did one sleeve today, and I already have enough for at least a pair of socks. I may double this with the mohair yarn that I frogged last week. Lots of expensive yarn in these sweaters! Not bad, for a $1.50 investment. :) The next sweater to be dismantled is a cashmere/silk...

There's the bell! Woohoo!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sooo... what's frogging? :)


9:31 AM  

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