Monday, August 06, 2007



has kept me from making my Knitting Camp entry. As of last Monday, I only had the back done...and it just left on a UPS truck. Whew! It's called the Ruth Jacket (even though it's a pullover - the front is actually one piece - and I have no idea which book it came from) and it will be in a KnitPicks catalog very soon.

My hands are threatening to run away from home... :-)

Many, many thanks to Dixie at camp! I was trudging (and I do mean trudging!) along, trying to purl in colorwork. I had to drop one color, pick up another, etc. She taught me Portugese Knitting (aka The Wong Way), Kim D. lent me her Knitting Pin, and I was off and running!

Now I need to work on my camp entry before I forget everything!


Blogger Nancy J said...

Andrea lives close to you, in Powell, OH. Guess you've probably ordered your very own pin and dvd from her?

3:10 PM  
Blogger tatjana said...

That looks great! I really love the colours and it looks more contemporary than some of the other Knitpicks projects you've had. The faux wrap look doesn't suit my shape, but I bet this sweater would look great as just a regular pullover, maybe with a boatneck? Anyway, good job on getting it done! :D

9:35 AM  

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