Saturday, June 30, 2007

Let summer (finally!) begin!

Yes, I know. It's been a while. Summer school is officially over, though, so I can finally sit down for more than 10 seconds at a time.

I've been knitting
Look familiar? This is the Mimbres vest, Part II. This picture was taken right after I cut the steeks - I'm finishing the double I-Cord edging right now. I should have this done by Monday or Tuesday, and it will be sent off. This is the replacement for KnitPicks - I made a mistake in the armhole measurements on the first one. I also knit 2 socks in one of the new KnitPicks sock yarns:
I must have forgotten to take pictures of the finished socks - I can't find them in my computer. You can see them here, though - I knit the Aurora and the Clay socks. This is very soft, very nice sock yarn!!! I knit them both at once, toe up, on 2 circulars. I got some very funny looks from people - these colors look pretty wild when they're both on the needles at once!
I've been gardening:

(and I obviously haven't been weeding too much...)

I've been arguing with the city that they need to come out and fix this:
I wasn't happy when I came home and discovered this. The neighbors on both sides got new culverts under their driveways, and on one side they just decided to keep digging all the way across my front yard. This picture was taken 3 days after our last rain. The reason that the water is standing in my yard is because the other side looks like this: The city workers obviously don't understand the way that gravity works. When you dig a 2 foot deep trench on one side and leave the other side 1-1/2 feet higher, the water won't drain the way that it's supposed to. Grade is an amazing concept. I called my city councilman; he was livid that they did this (without talking to us first) and that they just left it. Hopefully they'll do something soon - I'm worried about mosquitoes in all of this standing water. It's been over a month now and it's still not fixed...

I found out last week that I need bifocals - ugh. I'm really not surprised, though; since I was in high school, eye doctors have been telling me that I would need them by the time that I was 40.

I came home from school yesterday and this was the sight that greeted me:
I now have 2 tuba players in my house. Kelson is teaching Kyle to play so that he can switch over from the clarinet. The school let us borrow a 3/4 tuba so Kyle can learn, so I now have 3 school tubas here (concert, marching, and 3/4). God help me.


Blogger Nancy said...

could be drums!!! or trumpets!!! hope you have more efficient councilmen than most of them seem to be! mimbres looking good! it's almost retreat month! yeah!

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