Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Secret Pal goodies!

I just got back from the Post Office - look at what I got today!
2 skeins of Nashua Handknits Wooly Stripes! I'm not familiar with this yarn, but it's gorgeous and really soft! And this was in the package, too...
A 4-oz braid of Handpainted 100% Merino Roving from Funky Carolina, in the Rocky Start colorway! Isn't it gorgeous?? Wow, is this stuff soft - Kevin has already told me that (hint, hint) it would make a really great pair of socks. :-)
Thank you very much, secret pal!!!


Blogger Nancy said...

Oooooooohhhh -- pretty, pretty!!!

5:02 PM  
Blogger sabrina d. said...

Oh, how beautiful! Your SP has excellent taste. That roving looks gorgeous, I can't wait to see how it spins up!

9:38 PM  

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