Thursday, July 12, 2007

SP10 revealed, and lottsa knitting!

I have a new cable modem, so everything *should* be running a little bit more reliably now!

I found out last week - my SP10 spoiler was April at It's a Left-Knit Life! Thanks, April - you were great! My spoilee (and she was lots of fun to spoil!) was Carolyn at Mimiwontonknits. I hope she had as much fun as I did!! :-)

Now for the knitting...

For Sabrina, a picture of the inside of the Mimbres before I mailed it:

I found out that it will be in the October catalog.

I started some projects for the fair; I have 2 weeks to finish. Kevin's going to take them to the fair grounds on the 29th...I'm going to be at Knitting Camp. It's going to be interesting to see if I can finish them in time. (I'm also entering the original Mimbres, and the Laura's Rose Garden Shawl). I'm making a pair of fingerless Fair Isle gloves from the Carol Rasmussen Noble book:

(I added an extra repeat of the bottom color pattern - they were too short) I'm using Jamieson & Smith Jumperweight.

This is what the inside looked like before I weaved in the ends:
It took me 1-1/2 days last week to get this far, and I haven't picked it up since. I'm hoping to be able to finish them...

For the Children's category, I'm designing a cabled cardigan that I'm hoping will fit my niece: I'll steek the front - I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to do with the sleeves. (This is the yarn that I bought for 33 cents a ball at the Salvation Army - it's a very nice, soft wool, and it's not quite as bright as the picture looks). next KnitPicks project has shown up. I can't remember what book this is from, but it's called the Ruth Jacket. I'm knitting it in Wool of the Andes - in blue and green, of course! :-) The pattern is very easy to follow and the colorwork pattern is pretty....

but whomever decided, long ago, that colorwork done back and forth is a good idea needs to be taken out back of the woodshed and dealt with severely. Boy, am I slow at purling in colorwork! (and, for the first time ever in my knitting history, my right wrist hurts). I have plenty of time to finish this, though - it's not due until August 9th. :-)


Blogger Molly said...

I LOVE the fingerless mits! I usually don't like browns but the color choices on these are beautiful. I'm betting the mimbres will win Best of Show and you'll get first place for Laura's Rose Garden. Have a great time at knitting camp!!! Molly :)

10:00 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

The fair isle gloves are Gorgeous! Retreat 2.75 was Wonderful. All mobility back from collarbone flight.... All good in world.

8:57 AM  

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