Friday, September 03, 2004

camping and other assorted hoohaw

Got home from school and decompressed with my drum carder for awhile. I blended some Targhee fleece with a friend's dog would have been pretty nice, but I think the Targhee needs another washing. I blended some shetland with angora and cashmere - I think I have a winner with that one!

Last minute camping trip. We're going to Cadiz, to Doc's horse farm. Trip to the grocery store and Kmart (Kelson outgrew his 3rd pair of shoes in 3 months - ugh). I'm going with the Rainman here...KMart sucks. I think they're getting ready to close this one - it looks like they haven't restocked anything in months.

Now Kevin's on a tear around the house, trying to find our camping/fishing/hunting gear. I'm just trying to figure out which project(s) to take along. I'd love to take the Einstein, but I don't know about taking a 2 lb cone of mohair loop along. Maybe a couple of socks...


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