Monday, September 13, 2004

yippee skippee

Back to school today - I could have easily taken another sick day, and I probably should have. I still feel kinda yucky. I have 38 sick days banked up, after all... I've only taken 2 sick days (because I was sick, not my kids) in the last 3 years - and I always, always come back to an absolute mess. Today was no exception. My sub must have been an absolute idiot.

Spent yesterday with Mom, Dad, Michelle and her kids. We went out to eat for Mom and Dad's birthdays. Dad turned 63 on Saturday (9/11!) and Mom turns 63 tomorrow. Michelle's husband stayed home to put down floor tiles, and mine was still in southern Ohio on his testosterone-laden hunting/fishing/drinking weekend. All in all, a nice day, even if I still felt crummy!

I started making a scarf yesterday out of the wool/golden retriever blend that I spun on Friday. (Pics later when I get time) It's really nice, but boy, does it shed! I have it spun really tightly, too. It's for a 70+ year old woman who works here at the high school as a study hall monitor. I think she'll be surprised! :-) The retriever is from her son's dog - she brought me 2 huge ziploc bags full last week. Actually, I was happy to get it spun, just to get it out of the house.

New sign for my classroom:
"Life hasn't been the same since that house fell on my sister."
- I'm going to put it right over my desk.

I think this is a new record for this room - this is our third week of school, and I haven't had to throw out a single student, and I haven't been called a single swear word. The juvenile delinquents have actually been rather quiet so far. Now I'm wondering when the other shoe is going to drop...

I have a staff meeting after school today. I have yet to *ever* go to a staff meeting that could not have been covered in a memo.


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