Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Another school day has gone by and I feel like I've accomplished absolutely nothing.

The juvenile delinquent parade starts tomorrow. At least they took some of the chairs away so I can only seat 17 instead of the 28 that they were throwing at me last year.

Woo. And again, woo.

I did work on the alpaca/mohair gloves that I started while we were camping - I have the index finger and most of the thumb done. I have no idea if this correct order of the fingers; I've never made a glove before, and I have no pattern. I did look at a magazine article on making thumb gussets, though - I'm making asymmetrical gussets. Maybe I'll get a picture up later.

One of the librarians (oops! Sorry! Media Specialists! I've already been yelled at twice this year for that gaffe) gave me a bag of yarn this morning. Mostly old acrylic (one partial skein of black wool, though), but it seems to be in good shape. She said it was her mom's, and that she'll have a bigger bag tomorrow. I think I'll use the acrylic to make "squares" for a good cause. It's a great way to practice new stitch patterns, and to use up non-wool yarn.


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