Thursday, October 21, 2004

Lesson learned

Never, never, never ask for help holding a skein of yarn when the person you are asking is drunk. Never. It will never fail that he will *drop* the skein that you are trying to wind into a ball, and you will have a catastrophic mess to try to untangle. And never, under any circumstance, allow said drunk person to try to untangle the mess he has made. Although entertaining to watch, the impulse to choke this person to death with the yarn is nearly impossible to overcome.

Bring back prohibition! If I never had to smell another stale beer, I would be absolutely ecstatic. I'm ready to put up a big sign that says NO ALCOHOL IN *MY* HOUSE. It's not that I have anything personal against alcohol itself (although I don't drink), it's just that I'm tired of living with an alcoholic who won't admit that he has a problem. He's a high-functioning alcoholic - he's never missed a day of work because of it - but he's an alcoholic just the same. A 6-pack every single day starts to add up financially, too...



Blogger Amie said...

I lived for a while with a man (I didn't live with the man, I lived in a house of several people in which he also lived) who was a high-functioning alcoholic. I still don't think he's admitted it. He would drink a bottle of scotch a day. Didn't miss work, just got really mean and bitter. It was miserable for all of us who lived with and loved him, because in his rare sober moments he was really a good guy. And because he was so high functioning, convincing him he had a problem was impossible.

One day something happened - none of us know what - and he decided he wasn't going to drink anymore. He stopped cold turkey. He's really pleasant now, but still none of us know what caused his transformation.

I'll be thinking about you. I know how hard it is...

10:31 AM  

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