Friday, October 01, 2004

friday, friday, friday!

Whew - what a week! My "students" (aka the daily juvenile delinquent parade) were a *real* joy this week - my blood pressure must be up 20 points. Home, quick dinner, then Kelson's baseball practice - he has a doubleheader tomorrow. I usually knit during practices, but I'm always the scorekeeper, so I'll be busy.

Sometime this weekend, I need to make about 3 pounds of lotion and a batch of soap. We're running low on soap in the house, and my Dad and Kevin go through a lot of lotion when the weather gets cooler (Kevin because he does drywall for a living, and my Dad because of the scar tissue from his burns). 3 people at school want lotion, too...

Bright note: Friday is NEOEA day - no school! :-)


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