Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Monty Python!!

I think I just found Kelson's Christmas present! This is what every 12 year old needs!! He would absolutely love it! And maybe this for his birthday in May. I'd like to try to get my hands on the Flying Circus Boxed Set for him for Christmas, but $200 is a little bit steep.


Blogger sabrina d. said...

well, i'm a great fan of buying used DVDs... you might be able to pick up a used copy of the flying circus boxed set for less than the street price, if you have a good used record shop around you anywhere. i've probably got a good dozen or so used DVDs and none of them have had any problems at all (apart from one DVD i bought used from Blockbuster which lost its little inner booklet, but i didn't really care about that anyways -- i don't really need the chapter titles for ID4. :-)

i scoped out djangos.com (which is a sort of link-up network for new or used CDs/DVDs/VHS for little used record shops), but i didn't see a copy of the boxed set -- but i also only had a couple minutes to spend browsing and they had about a zillion flying circus titles to look through. there's also amazon zShops or ebay (though ebay is a slightly sketchier option; at least amazon or a reputable used shop will put a returnable guarantee behind it).

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