Tuesday, September 21, 2004

And so it goes

I've decided that my job only has one redeeming quality: when I have 15 or fewer juvenile delinquents in the room, I can usually knit. Other than that, my job blows. In addition to having to deal with the *cream of the crop* in this school, I get to be stuck in the middle of the infighting between assistant principals. Throw the used car saleman (oops, I mean principal) into that mix, and it's like watching a battle of wits between unarmed people. Ugh.

There's only so long one can sit in a windowless room with a large group of JDs before one begins to lose one's mind. If I had a break or two, it wouldn't be too bad, but 7-1/2 hours in this room with only a 26 minute lunch in the middle of the day is inhumane. I hope the union does something about this soon...

Enough griping for the day! The doublemossa is coming along beautifully - I'll have more progress pictures when I get home. I have 4 pounds of natural unspun roving from Bartlett Yarns; I think I will dye one of them and make another doublemossa from that when this one is finished.

Just found out this morning that I'm going to be a great-aunt in February. At least I'll have time after Christmas to work on something for the baby (and I can get the Christmas presents done!)


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