Sunday, April 05, 2009

Just To Prove That I Can...

This is how I spent part of yesterday:A friend at school had asked for a hat - and I needed to be sure that I can still knit with a cast. Sooo...I found this pattern (a very nice pattern, but be aware - there is an error in one of the charts), and I cast on using the leftover skein that I dyed for Pam's sweater. I absolutely cannot knit English right now with this stupid cast-thing on, but I managed quite well in continental, thankyouverymuch! I taught myself Norwegian purl (thanks to Sabrina and this site), and that made a world of difference - I am horrendously slow at purling in continental style. Now - back to the pair of socks for KP!

Two good things happened on Friday: first, I was taken off of the waitlist for Knitting Camp! I'm going to Camp 3 after all! I bought my bus ticket to Sabrina's yesterday (round trip on the MegaBus - Cleveland to Chicago - for $9.50!!!) and the check is in the mail to Schoolhouse Press!

Right after I got that email, the mailman arrived - he had my reveal package for SP13! My spoiler was Tanya - TiaPixy on Ravelry. She's been great to me, and this pacakge was no exception! She sent chocolate:And this gorgeous bag:And inside the bag? 20 skeins of Rowen Linen Print!
I've never played with this yarn before, but I'm thinking that there may be a Clapotis in my near future. :-) Thanks, Tanya! You've been a great pal!


Blogger Nancy said...

Oh. My. Goodness. (which probably has nothing to do with anything!) Megabus for $9.50 round trip!?! And Knitting Camp. And being able to knit with that monstrosity in place. What a weekend for you!!!

3:54 PM  
Blogger sabrina said...

Glad that Norwegian Purl turns out to be of use! :) Also, that yarn looks great -- and 20 skeins, wow! Your SP has good taste and generosity in one convenient package.... :)

Guess what -- If I go to Camp Pluckyfluff, it is the same weekend! So I would be in spinning camp while you are at knitting camp. We'll need to take Monday just to decompress and show off our respective new skills. :-)

9:22 PM  

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