Thursday, June 26, 2008


I've been recovering from my trip, slowly but surely. I'm trying to put together a blog post about my vacation, but where on earth do I start? :-)

In the meantime, Kelson got his ACT and SAT scores:

ACT - 29 composite

SAT - 1260 (plus 500 for the writing).

He scored 630 each for both reading and math...

and he did the math section without a calculator, because he forgot it that day!

Not to shabby for a kid who just turned 16 one month ago! :-)

He's going to retake both tests in the fall to try to raise his scores. He took the ACT once before (when he had just turned 15) and he scored a 27. There's no doubt that he can raise his SAT scores - he never even looked at the SAT prep book that I bought him...


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