Monday, December 20, 2004


Kevin used my Durango for the last 3 days because it has 4WD. (backstory: the Durango has a slow water leak at one of the freeze plugs. The water level has to be monitored very carefully - it was supposed to go in the shop at the beginning of next week to get fixed. I check the antifreeze level EVERY SINGLE DAY).

He left this morning, and came back home about 45 minutes later. He said it was starting to overheat. Another guy he works with came and picked him up. As soon as it was light, I went out to put antifreeze in it...and every drop that I put into it ran right out the bottom! Kevin hasn't checked the water since he started driving it.


The tow truck driver just took it away...I'm *praying* that it was just a hose that blew. If Kevin cracked the block on my truck, I will do him bodily harm. The mechanics at Goodyear are supposed to call me as soon as they know what's wrong.

Thank God for Kevin's mom - if it's not a major repair (i.e. a cracked block), she's going to let us use her Goodyear credit card. If it's a cracked block, I don't know what I'll do. Kevin is using my 1993 Villager (he got that when I got the Durango), and he has completely and utterly destroyed it. The struts are gone, it has no exhaust, and it's 8000 (!!) miles overdue for an oil change.

He's not allowed to drive my vehicles anymore. When the van goes, I'll buy him a $500 beater car. Every year, if I have to.



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