Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Pet parade

I figured it was about time to put my pets on my blog. :-)

This is Tick. He's named Tick because he's bigger than a flea, but not much. He's outnumbered 5 to 1 by cats, but he doesn't care, as long as he gets fed. (Can't you tell he's starving half to death? He still has a good 2 inches before his belly reaches the ground) We rescued him from a very abusive home when he was about a year old. You'd never know he was ever mistreated, though - he loves anybody and everybody...especially if you'll pet him. He also does a very good martyr act with anybody who visits - "please, please pay attention to me! I'm starved for attention...and food!" We *think* he's about 7 years old

Moe was my first cat since we moved here. He's almost 2 years old, and he rules the roost - in his own mind, at least. He's my baby. :-)

That's Rambo on floor. He's aptly named, to say the least

Sparky and Mr. Big Head are sister and brother to Rambo (Sparky's on the left). They were born in August in our garage

Repo was being camera shy. Maybe I'll get a picture of her when she comes up out of the basement...she's rather neurotic.


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