Friday, December 03, 2004

and on the spinning front...

Last weekend Kevin took Kelson deer hunting. While Kyle watched cartoons, I hauled out my drum carder (I love this thing!) and started to play. I now have a full bobbin of a romney/faux cashmere (nylon) blend, and a nearly full bobbin of corriedale/nylon/mohair/cashmere. Yes, that says cashmere, as in the real stuff. I got an 8 oz bag for $25 (!!!) about 3 months ago when a woman was trying to sell her spinning supplies to make her house payment. I'm going to ply these two together and make myself a pair of socks. Mmmmmmm.

Another cool thing - I MAY GET TO GO TO KNITTING CAMP!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed - and my toes, too!! hope, hope, hope, hope


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