Wednesday, December 15, 2004

How long until Christmas break?????

2 days, 12 hours, and 58 minutes, to be exact.

Today I've been flipped off, called a f****ing psycho b**ch, and told to go hell. And that was before 3rd period - and all by the same student.

Such lovely children people are raising these days.

While my first impulse is to walk over and smack said student in the mouth, I started clapping instead. I told him that I applauded his wonderful vocabulary skills, and that his mother must be soooo proud of him. Such skills will get him far in life...somebody needs to run the hose at the car wash.

He hasn't said a word since.

Sign in my room:

"Obsceneties are the last resort of a mind too weak to think of anything else to say"

That's a Kim Craigs original, thankyouverymuch.

My favorite sign in my "classroom," though says:

"DON'T ARGUE WITH ME - I've been really grouchy since that house fell on my sister"


Blogger Amie said...

Very cute pets! The sweater's looking great!

And God bless you teachers. It's why I didn't follow through with my degree in education. I love teaching. But teachers today don't have time to do any of that, they're too busy disciplining someone else's child and protecting themselves...

1:11 PM  

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