Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Leaving on a jet plane...

In 24 hours, I will be in the middle of Wisconsin, renting a car to drive myself to KNITTING CAMP!!! My boarding pass is printed, and my bags are (mostly) packed.

I will *not* have this

done in time for the fair,

but I should have this coat finished - I'm creating as I go. Right now I'm knitting a bottom border that mirrors the top part of the sweater, and I'm trying to decide how exactly if/where I should put the pockets after it's finished.

I've opened up the top steek stitches - I'll cut the whole thing down the middle of the front and knit some kind of a border. I also haven't decided if I'm going to do buttons or clasps....but I have 3 weeks to figure it out. :-)


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