Wednesday, December 28, 2005

water woes...

We've had a small leak somewhere in our main water line that leads to the bathroom sink. We've had this leak for a few weeks now, and I keep hearing "I'll get around to it tomorrow." It's been dripping into the basement....and now the leak is considerably worse. It's been filling a 1-gallon ice cream bucket about every 3 hours (that's the only container that would fit in the space where the leak is occuring - right on top of the hot water tank).

When I went downstairs to see if I could shut off the water line to the bathroom, the plastic fittings on the cold water pipe let go. Suddenly I was getting an absolute downpour in my basement. I did manage to find the shutoff to the bathroom sink before the entire basement flooded, but I got drenched in the process.

I found the main shutoff to the house and the secondary shutoff to the bathroom. I shut down the bathroom water, but I still have water to the kitchen sink, so at least Kyle and I can flush the toilet. I also (patting self on back) relit the pilot on the hot water tank. The bright side is, the leak stopped.

The leak is somewhere in the wall behind the bathroom sink, so that wall is going to have to be torn out to get to it. Of course, we just remodeled our bathroom 3 months ago.

Of course, himself is on another hunting trip - he was supposed to come home today. Right after I changed my clothes from the drenching, mopped and swept most of the water to the sump and calmed myself down, himself calls and tells me that they didn't get anything, and they're staying another day.



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