Monday, August 28, 2006

Secret Pal 8 & Wrap Sweater Redux

I'm home from school today because I had a dentist appointment, so I was home to receive my final "reveal" box from my Secret Pal!! Wow seems to be the understatement of the century!
I opened the box and saw this:
The inside of the notecard ended with "As for my identity..." and when I turned it over it said:

The box held all kinds of phenomenal goodies!! Gummies, Smarties and mints:

Some really pretty stitch markers:

a knitting tote bag - perfect for socks:

and inside, a skein of Trekking XXL!!! I love this yarn!! The best part, though, was this: 2 (count 'em, 2!!) braids of Blue-Faced Leicester roving from Sweet Georgia Yarns!! Isn't it gorgeous? I've never spun BFL before - it's incredibly soft!

At the very bottom of the box was a piece of paper And inside, the identity of my secret pal, finally revealed! She was Kelly, (aka "Patty Melt" in the comments) from The Pajama Monologues! Thank you so much, Kelly! You've been absolutely awesome throughout Secret Pal 8!

After conferring with Joanne Seiff, the designer of the wrap sweater, I removed the double-crochet edging and redid it...but I only picked up every other stitch. (The dark spots are dampness from the steamer)I think that it made all of the difference in the world - no more drooping in the front, and the front stays nice and flat! :-) The pattern for this sweater should be available for sale at KnitPicks within the next few months...and my name will be on the pattern as the test knitter! Woohoo!!! I think it looks much better with the new edging, don't you? (and yes, Nancy, this money is going into my Knitting Camp fund!) Here are the buttons Kyle picked out:My own Secret Pal received her box over the weekend, so she now knows who I spoilee was Sarah at It Happened Just Like This. I hope she enjoyed the packages I sent as much as I enjoyed putting them together!


Anonymous Nancy J said...

Sweater looks great! And, so glad you're continuing your camp 'piggy bank'!

7:05 PM  
Blogger Kerry said...

What an awesome package! You had a wonderful pal!

8:25 PM  

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