Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I am (not) Beowulf!

Well, I took the boys (and Kelson's girlfriend) to see Beowulf. The CGI was pretty good, if a bit cheesy at times. If I had to guess, the producers read the Classics Illustrated version of Beowulf, and embellished from there. Maybe they fell asleep in English class in high school, and this is their dream version of the story. I do know, however, that if any student tries to watch the movie instead of reading the story, they are totally, royally screwed!!
Beowulf is such an action-packed story in its own right - I don't understand why the director didn't tell the story as it is written. News flash for those who think the movie version is "just like the book:" Hrothgar is *not* a suicidal loony, Grendel's mother dies at Beowulf's very powerful hand (of which no mention is made), there are no "love children monsters," and poison killed Beowulf.

One cool thing, though - when Grendel speaks, he speaks entirely in Old English. :-)

In knitting news, I got a surprise Thanksgiving package from my Secret Pal!
A skein of Zen Yarn Garden in the Velvet Rose Colorway! This is actually a kit - it also came with the Reims Sock pattern (I couldn't get a good picture - see it here.) Wow, this yarn is SOFT!! And squishy!!! And pretty!! Thank you, Secret Pal!!!! This is really, really nice yarn - I just want to keep squishing the skein. :-)
I started a sock from the new Cat Bordhi book - I decided to use the Upstream Sock architecture, and I cast on with the Socks that Rock yarn that my Secret Pal sent me last month. I love STR, and this colorway is gorgeous:
I made these with some leftover yarn Saturday afternoon:
Baby socks in the Sky Architecture - the gusset is on *top* of the sock. I don't know how this woman's mind works, but she is definitely a genius! It definitely helps to make a baby sock first - it helps you wrap your mind around what she's trying to accomplish.

I'm also working on this:
I can't tell or show you much, but it's a very Silky Wool. :-)


Anonymous Ann K. said...

I'm so pleased you enjoy the yarn and are looking foward to the pattern.
It will be nice to see the finished project! :)
I like the pattern idea with the Lapis STR yarn... will look lovely!
Your last package will be sent out soon.
Talk to you soon!

8:33 PM  

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