Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not much knitting today

Today was not a knitting kind of day.
I took the boys to marching band practice, and then I had a doctor's appointment (and now I have an appointment with a surgeon - the lump on the right side is growing, and now he's concerned with the left side. I see the surgeon on September 11th. Damn).

When I got home, I scalded a half bushel of roma tomatoes, and then went to pick up the boys from band.
We watched a Goodyear blimp fly over
and then I took the boys to a low brass sectional at their friend's house. While they were there, I made 21 pints of salsa. I had to go out and buy more canning lids...tomorrow I'm canning quarts of whole tomatoes (I have another half bushel of canning tomatoes) and making both dill and sweet pickles.
The eye doctor called, and my new glasses were in. I went to pick them up - and it turns out that they had called about 25 people to tell them the same thing. Wait...and wait. An hour later, wearing my new glasses, I went to pick up the boys from the sectional. We made dinner, and then we had a 2 hour baseball league meeting at city hall (we had some pretty serious umpire issues this year - it wasn't a good situation).

Anyway....that's why I've been a bad Ravelympian and only got 2 inches done on my sweater today. :-)
(the lighter strip on the left - on top of the tan stripe -is my waste yarn for the pocket)


Blogger Nancy said...

Salsa looks excellent...and today's canning will be beautiful with it on the shelves. New glasses can be very good for knitting, which you'll definitely want to do a lot of this weekend! Prayers for you and yours.

2:14 PM  

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