Friday, April 17, 2009


I went for an MRI earlier this week - my tendons are sound but strained (whew!!), but I have cysts in my wrist. Because I'm a geek, I copied my MRI disc...The round thing in the bottom left is the marker that they taped to my wrist; the big white spot is the cyst(s). Here's a side shotI'm in a new and improved splint. It's made of plastic and attaches with velcro instead of Ace bandages. It's a lot smaller, and much easier to knit with! I got a cortisone shot right into that spot on Wednesday - that hurt a lot more than the shots to my shoulder ever did! Now we wait...I go back in 2 weeks to see if anything is better. The good news is: no surgery for now...but it hasn't been ruled out completely.

Today's the last official day of my Spring Break. I get to spend this beautiful, sunny, 70 degree day working on my grad school projects! Only 2 weeks left in class!


Blogger Nancy said...

So glad for you that your results are what they are. Know you'll do what you can to avoid surgery.

At least you can take breaks outside to enjoy some of this absolutely gorgeous day!

It's Russ' last day of Spring break, too. WHat a one it's been with errands and appointments and (sigh) a new dryer being delivered today. Just can't get ahead but something has to be replaced.

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