Wednesday, August 17, 2005

musings on ponchos, wool and other stuff

I was just reading Caryn's blog and it turns out that I am not alone! There are several things that will never exist in my house, and one of them is the poncho.

My philosophy? I was old enough to wear them the first time, so I am automatically disqualified from ever having them in my possession again.

I did a cursory inventory of my stash, and I do not own one single, solitary inch of Fun Fur. Believe me, I am not deprived - I will not have the stuff in my house. In my eyes, ANYTHING that is knit with Fun Fur (or one of the myriad "novelty" yarns) looks like somebody ritually sacrificed a Muppet.

I am slowly but surely weeding out the acrylic, also. Every month I donate old clothes, lamps, etc. to The Society for the Blind. and every month they get a few skeins of old acrylic yarn.

Note to anyone who cares: just because I'm a knitter doesn't mean I really want a giant bag of 1970's harvest gold acrylic yarn that you found in your grandma's house. From Gold Circle (which went out of business 30 years ago) and with a price tag of 79 cents. I mean, thanks for thinking of me and all, but it's not staying here. I had been trying to knit up donated yarn and donate the squares to Warm Up America, but old acrylic yarn squeaks when you knit with it, and my nerves are usually shot within 10 minutes.

I have a softball game in an hour (a doubleheader, no less) and I feel like absolute crap. Every muscle in my body hurts, and I have a fever of 99.5. That may not sound like much, but my normal body temp is 97.8... No wonder this entry seems so cranky.

Ugh. I want to stay home and work on my mystery shawl.


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