Friday, September 30, 2005


I haven't made very much progress on Birch. Pardon the fuzzy picture; my camera doesn't do well on close-up knitting
I started the ribbing on Inishmore. I'm using Harrisville Orchid - a wool/silk/mohair single ply yarn. It's very nice to knit with.

I've been plugging away on the Mystery Shawl; most people are done with theirs, but I'm just finishing up the 4th clue. I call it my Parking Lot Shawl, because I spend so much time sitting in parking lots waiting for this handsome guy:
Yep, that's the tuba he marches with! He looks so grown-up to me; it's hard to believe that he just turned 13 a few months ago. ("Tuba Players don't smile, Mom!") The average practice schedule for marching band: Tuesday & Wednesday, 3:00 - 5:00 (and on Tuesdays he has sectionals until 7:30), Thursday, 6:00 - 9:00, Friday nights are football games, and every second or third Saturday is a competition. (Last Saturday's competition in Massillon had a pickup time of 1:30 AM!) The director usually doesn't let them out on time, I get a lot of knitting done in the parking lot.

Gracie loves to play with the kittens. They end up wet and slimy every time she goes outside. The kitten on the right disappeared last Saturday afternoon - we think she either ended up riding to the grocery store in the undercarriage of the car, or a hawk got her. We lost one out of the last litter when it got into the engine of my Durango when I was leaving for the grocery store. :-( (we need homes for the other three, by the way - and there's also a white siamese-type that's not in the picture. Anybody need a kitten?) Momma is a beautiful calico stray that was dropped off at our house - she's getting spayed in 2 weeks...

This is one of the kittens - Kevin named him No-Butt, but I call him Baloo. He is less than hlf the size of the other kittens, but he's fiestier than any of them!

We got a new couch about a week and a half ago (yay! my first new couch!!) We used beanbags for the kids to sit on for the two days we were waiting for the couch...but the kids didn't get to use them very much, as you can see:


Blogger blueadt said...

Baloo can come & live here - he's beautiful. My girls love their own cats & often sleep with them but goD forbid any strange cat enters the garden!! They don't tolerate any other cats & would chase it. I don't think they'd do any damage but who knows as they work as a pack.

I know where you're coming from re knitting in the car. My daughter is a swimmer & currently trains 6 hours per week. She's too young to leave so I can't knit in the car - instead I'm sat in a really hot pool area which is awful in the summer.

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