Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Starting to get ready for winter!

Here's the beginning

There are 6 pints in the pressure cooker now (one's a "light" pint - not enough for a meal, but plenty for vegetable soup), 14 pints in the basement, and they're still coming on in the garden. I also have 10 quarts of tomatoes - and Mom and Dad have been canning a lot more of my tomatoes than I have. We'll definitely be set for chili and soup this winter. Not too bad, actually, considering that our garden's only 10'x15'. We had put chicken wire around it to keep out the groundhogs, and I thought it looked like an ideal spot for pole beans. :-) We've been eating grilled zucchini and stuffed peppers all summer, too. In the next week or two I'm going to start canning all of the older meat in the freezer. Tomorrow night I'm going to can the 3-4 pints of leftover spaghetti sauce from tonight's dinner (we had a bunch of teenagers over at dinnertime, and - as usual - we made too much!), and I may hit the Red Wagon farm market this weekend and see if anything strikes my fancy.

I think I'm going to need more jars!

On the knitting front...the scarf is sent off to KnitPicks, and I worked on the Mystery Shawl again today. I finished a couple of swatches in Icelandic Lopi-style from Morningstar Fibers; 2 more to hands hurt when I have to knit those very long, because I'm trying to achieve a dense fabric. So - I cast on one of my fingerless glove/mittens in Hauk, and I finished most of the ribbing for one of them. Kelson's going to need something warm and waterproof for marching band practice pretty soon, but he still needs to have his fingers free. We'll see how waterproof Hauk really is!

Now I'm going to sit down and watch the Indians game while I knit, the sound of the pressure cooker in the background...


Anonymous Nancy said...

Yep, I'm surely glad for this warm Sept. weather as far as the garden goes. We are blessed. (And with the predicted winter, we need all those canned and frozen goodies.)

9:20 PM  

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