Friday, September 02, 2005

You need to click the button

See that red button on the right?

You need to click on the button.

If you ate 3 square meals today,
If you have a roof over your head,
If you know where your family is, and you know that they are safe,
If you have safe water to drink,
If you have the medicine that you need,
If you have the ability to complain about the high price of gas because you still have a car,
If you were able to go to the grocery store/yarn shop/coffee shop,
If nobody has shot at you today,

Then you should count every blessing that has been bestowed upon you and click the button.

If you need an incentive to help, visit this site. These two knitters are doing great things.

If you give up one lunch at work, one skein of yarn, or one trip to Starbucks, you can help make a difference.

There but for the grace of God...

Remember that and click the button.


Anonymous Kat said...

Beautiful written. I clicked hte button days ago and plan on clicking several more times.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

I, too, clicked the button and then on over to Margene and Susan and thescottishlamb. Local TV stations here (Pittsburgh) are telethoning. Am gonna finish the second sock of a pair this weekend! Woohoo!

1:18 PM  
Blogger sabrina d. said...

yeah, i spent september's yarn money splurging over at the red cross. as my consolation, i have a hat i made in this lovely soft mohair/wool yarn that i'm going to frog because i didn't like how it turned out, so it's like i have another ball of new yarn to play with anyways. ;)

2:08 PM  

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