Thursday, August 18, 2005

My knees hurt

Well, the softball games went better than expected yesterday - mass quantities of Advil seemed to help.

First of all, you should know that I am *not* a fast runner. I feel like I'm going 100 miles an hour, and I've only gone 10 feet. Add to that 9 years since I've played any organized softball, and I'm definitely a tortoise. I actually have fairly long legs; I just don't have the ability to use them correctly, I guess.

In the 5th inning of the first game, I got a single up the middle. Usually, my coach puts in a runner for me when the game is close (reason? See above...) She forgot this time, and the batter behind me hit one over the center fielder's head. I was actually going pretty fast for me (I have witnesses!!!) and as I was heading for home, I FELL DOWN. As Kevin so eloquently put it, my ass got in front of my body. I went skidding face first about 5 feet from the plate. I did reach out and touch home, though - from a completely face down position.

I finished both games, but my knees are a mess. After getting home, showering, and picking the rocks and gravel out of my legs, they look like this. I also have a fairly large scrape with gravel in it running down the side of my left leg.


I decided to work on my sock last night - I was in no mood for lace anything. I made it a little bit farther up the foot.


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