Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Back to our regularly scheduled knitting

On Saturday, I had 2 packages delivered to my house. One was from The Knitting Garden, and the other was the start of my Rowan subscription.

This is what I found when I opened the packages:

2 Rowan magazines, and 5 - count them 5! balls of Rowan KidSilk Haze. The magazine on the right is the new issue, and it came with a butt-ugly scarf project and the 2 balls to the right. The magazine on the left came with the other 3 balls.

Any guess what I'm going to make?

The really, really cool thing? The dye lots, from two different places, are only one number apart! I have 3 balls in dye lot 643, and 2 in dyelot 644. I can't tell them apart, and I can usually pick out two different dyelots from 50 paces.

This is the butt-ugly scarf project

Blech. It uses two balls, but not in my lifetime. I'm going to use those same two balls to make River instead

There, now isn't that a much nicer use of sheer knitting divinity?

Have you guessed what I'm going to make with Rowan 34 and 3 balls of Dewberry Kidsilk Haze? Check here and here and here. I've halfway through the second repeat; I'll post pictures when it actually looks like something.


Blogger Micky said...

I just read your comment on Annie's blog. I love that movie! And him too of course.
Thanks for putting that image back in my head.

2:32 PM  

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