Saturday, October 01, 2005

Puppy pictures

Gracie was 8 months old yesterday. A couple of months ago, they weren't sure she was even going to live, let alone be as active as she is today. :-) Only having one kidney hasn't seemed to affect her in the least! So, some puppy pictures.

Gracie is *not* randomly attacking this blanket on the couch...
because there was a dachsund under the blanket! Tick decided it was too early in the morning to play bitey-face, and promptly burrowed back under and went back to sleep.


Blogger blueadt said...

What a little cutie! I remember my girls at that age - their back legs always seemed longer than the front! Does she do nose pokes?

1:47 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

She's VERY good at nosepokes - usually when we're not looking! :-)

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Bev said...

I love it when you post puppy pictures. My dog just doesn't sit still long enough!

7:57 AM  

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