Sunday, April 09, 2006

The excitement is overwhelming

Nothing exciting happening here - we've been gutting the middle room to try to make it into a place for me to knit and spin without distraction. After my typical day at work, I need at least a few minutes of quiet!

Secret Pal 7 seems to have been a dud for me all around. My giftee isn't answering emails, even though her box was delivered a week ago, and she hasn't updated her blog in almost a month. UPDATE: Susan was out of town, so she didn't actually receive her box until this past weekend. My email has been acting up, and I never received the email from her telling me that she was out of town. Her blog is - go check it out!!!

My own secret pal has sent a couple of emails from her regular account, so I know who she is - and she hasn't updated her blog in almost a month, either. The books that I picked out with the Amazon GC from 2 months ago are supposed to be delivered this week. Since then, though, I haven't heard much from her. I sent an email to her on the 6th to see if everything was okay, and she said that my final package would be mailed out soon. Since the deadline was the 31st, here's hoping! I had so much fun with SP6 - I had as much fun picking out stuff for Julie as she had receiving the boxes, I think! I signed up for SP8, but now I'm trying to decided if I want to just let this one go by.

We have a short week at school this week - Spring Break starts on Friday! Hooray!!! The juvenile delinquents are historically pretty squirrelly during the week before a big break, so here's hoping they all decide to take an extended vacation!


Blogger blueadt said...

I haven't signed up for SP8 yet & am so far undecided. My spoiler didn't seem to get the 'knitting' aspect of the spoiling until the last parcel. My spoilee however is lovely & I enjoyed spoiling her.

3:10 PM  
Anonymous Nancy J said...

Need pictures of room in progress!!! Our Spring Break is actually labeled as Easter (!) and it starts Wed/Thurs.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

Kim, I just got your package yesterday(Palm Sunday) when I returned from St. Simons, and sent you an email and updated my blog. I'm sorry if you felt slighted, but I was out of town. I loved my final gift, and appreciate all that you did for me. I want to know if you spun that grey yarn yourself. It was beautiful.

Thanks so much for being a great secret pal,

5:30 PM  

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