Sunday, March 19, 2006

New sweater!!

Remember this?'s the picture from the upcoming KnitPicks catalog! It's on their website now - the catalogs are supposed to go out within the next week! I'm really, really happy with the way this one was photographed - the model is lovely!! Here's my progress on the front of the Princess sweater. I love the yarn, and the back was a breeze, but this seater is most decidedly NOT fun to knit! 3 balls of yarn and 2 bobbins - yuck! I'm desperately fighting urges to throw it out the nearest window. This is actually from about 4 hours ago - I'm getting ready to start decreasing for the armholes now.

We went to the hunting expo in Columbus (much, much better than the one at the IX Center in Cleveland - none of those stupid flea market-type vendors) and then we decided to go to the Columbus Zoo. It was a very nice zoo - the cold kept the crowds to a bare minimum.

This is Holly the Manatee, munching on lettuce. :-)

Really beautiful clams in the main aquarium

We just thought this guy in the manatee tank was funny - we called him "The Little Old Man" fish

Now I have to gear myself towards getting ready to go back to school tomorrow - blech!


Blogger Amie said...

And you don't see any irony in going from a hunting expo to the zoo? :P

8:09 AM  

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