Saturday, March 11, 2006

Yep, still here!!

This is the back of the next sweater that I'm knitting for KnitPicks. I have one more inch until I bind it off. The yarn came yesterday afternoon - their new Main Line cotton/wool blend. It's really nice yarn; the stitch definition is wonderful! There may or may not be an issue with the 3 colors that they sent me and the placement of those colors. Until I hear back from them, hopefully on Monday, I'm going to set it aside. Sooooo....I started a sock. Froehlich Wolle Special Blauband. I really, really like this sock yarn, and the little card of nylon reinforcement yarn for the heels and toes is a great bonus. You can't tell from the picture, but I'm putting baby "cables" down the leg (they're just right twists, but we'll call them cables).

I also decided that Queen Matilda had been neglected long enough, so I started carding. Tatjana sent me a ball of beautiful dark caramel colored roving, and I had a bag of qiviut that I picked up at the Great Lakes Fiber Festival two years ago. It's a one ounce bag, it's rather jumbled, but it was only $10 and I have a great set of hand cards! :-) I made up a bunch of rolags, (I eyeballed the percentages; I *think* it's about 80% wool, 20 % qiviut) and started spinning:

Don't mind the dust on Queen Matilda - I told you she had been neglected! She seems to have forgiven me, though! I'm debating now whether to spin another bobbin of this wonderful blend, or ply this with a bobbin of buffalo that I already have spun.

I accomplished quite a bit, considering that I spent yesterday at the Cleveland Clinic for Dad's neurologist appointment, and 3 hours with Kyle at Laser Tag today (well - he played laser tag; I went to Borders). I found these for Kelson: yes, that's Harry Potter and the Philsopher's Stone, The Cat in the Hat, and Green Eggs and Latin! He's in Latin II this year (as a 13 year old!!) and he really got a kick out of these. He gets extra credit points for bringing things like this into class, too, so that's a bonus. :-)

In the "I have weird pets" category, I present Rambo. Rambo has decided that he really, really likes the bathtub. If you don't shut the door all of the way, he will force it open, jump into the tub and cry at you until you turn on the water.Of course, if you *do* shut the door all of the way, he complains - loudly - and you will hear lots of thumping noises as he throws himself at the door. This is the same cat who will stick his paws into whatever glass you have sitting next to your chair so he can lick his paw and taste it. His favorite right now seems to be Kevin's beer. We've learned not to leave glasses of anything unattended...


Anonymous Nancy J said...

Solved the cat in the bathtub/faucet running situation by keeping a bowl of fresh water in the tub! i'm doing socks, too! and my wheel has been sadly neglected and catching dust also!

9:32 AM  
Blogger Amie said...

Aslan does that with the bathroom sink, and also drinks from his paw frequently.

We didn't know Trevor prefered to drink from a glass until I walked back into a room where I had left a glass of water and he'd stuffed his whole head into the glass... then got water up his nose... and sneezed into the water.

We stopped leaving drinks around very quickly after that.

10:58 PM  

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