Monday, May 01, 2006

okay, okay!!

Finally - an update!! As I mentioned earlier, this past weekend was the Ohio Soaper's Gathering. I left for Greenville about 1:30 Friday afternoon, and I got there about 6:00. Sabrina and I shared a room - she got in from Chicago a few hours later.

When Molly got there, all yarn broke loose.
I brought my ball winder and a giant cone of sock yarn (and a garbage bag full of other yarn) and the swapping began! She had picked these up for me at a fiber show in Indiana - I still think that I owe her more yarn for these!

The whole bed was covered in yarn and knitting (and a giant bag of crochet cotton that I wanted to get rid of at the swap table). I started a top down sock with one of the skeins, but it decided that it wanted to be a pair of toe-up socks, so I frogged the ribbing and divided the ball on my scale when I got home.

The alarm didn't go off Saturday morning, so Sabrina and I were just a tad late to the gathering...

This is Jan and Molly, and

this is Mari. Can you tell where I sat?

I took Jan two balls of a beautiful purple Froehlich Blauband as a present...and this is what she had brought me as a present:I agree with her: Great minds think alike!!

Some pictures from around the gathering

(this is Thumbelina. She's a month old, and she's absolutely adorable!!! She was quite a hit with everybody there - thanks to kay for bringing her!)

I won 2 door prizes!

A soapmaking kit from Dianna's Sugar Plum Sundries and a bag of lavender and bottle of lavender oil from San Francisco Herb Co.

After the gathering, Sabrina and I went in search of this Annie Oakley was from Greenville, and they have a really nice monument in the middle of town. When I got home Sunday afternoon, I discovered that I have been accepted to Knitting Camp 3!! Woohoo!! As another nice surprise, I got my prize from Comfy Bev's blog contest: 1050 yards of Blue Heron laceweight mercerized cotton in the Blue Violet Colorway! This is absolutely beautiful yarn - the picture doesn't begin to do it justice. Thank you, Bev!!!

And finally on the knitting front, I officially have an Angel from Secret Pal 7. My own secret pal seems to have bailed, and my angel has been sending me wonderful emails and beautiful e-cards. The only clue I have so far is that one of the ecards is of the Seattle sky-line...


Anonymous Bev said...

I'm so glad you liked the yarn. Enjoy it in good health. It sounds like you had a fabulous time and door prizes + Annie Oakley = big fun!

I'm dying to know what that sock yarn is in the second picture, you know where you've got two red colorways, one cast on, and another sort of jewel tones skein there. It's beautiful.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Terry & Jonesy said...

Retreat 3! Lucky you!!!! I know you'll blog all the details - I'll do the same with Retreat 2.75! Knitting onward....

10:51 AM  

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