Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The socks, they are colorful...

I finished the sock on Monday. It looks much nicer finished than it did when I was starting out! To answer Julie's question from yesterday...these aren't slip-stitched, they're "regular" fair isle. :-) This one is KnitPicks Essentials in "Cocoa," and Simples Stripes in "Crayons."

I've started the second sock. This one is Essentials in "Grass" and Simples Stripes in "Tropics." I'm working this one on KnitPicks' new dpns in size 2, and I'm not sure I'm very happy with these needles. For one, they're extremely heavy - I almost gave up on them when I started the sock because the weight of the needles was pulling everything down. Once I finished the cuff, though, I adjusted to the needles and things were going well...until last night when I started noticing little shiny flecks all through my knitting. Turns out that the nickel-plate finish is peeling off of two of the needles. It's not peeling at the tips, where you'd expect it, but right in the middle of the needle. Huh. Edit: I just talked to KnitPicks, and they hadn't heard of this problem before....but they will immediately replace any imperfect needles.

I've been sitting in the air conditioning all morning - it's too humid to do very much outside! I've been DVR-ing all of my favorite shows, but I'm really hooked on Midsomer Murders! Luckily, the Biography Channel runs them quite often, so I have several episodes recorded at any given time. It's a really well-done 2-hour-long mystery series, and Dad got me started on them.


Blogger tatjana said...

the socks are really pretty! bummer about the needles though. guess what? i'm finally knitting a pair of real live socks! and they're almost done. they really are fun to knit. who knew? ;)

4:17 AM  

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