Saturday, June 10, 2006

awards, anniversaries and yarn

Thursday was the boys' last day of school. Kyle "graduated" from the 5th grade - he goes on to the middle school next year. They had a ceremony at the school, and Kyle won 2 awards!! The music teacher awarded him the "Outstanding Musician" award (that's my boy!!!) and he received a certificate for perfect attendance. (Out of nearly 80 kids in the 5th grade, there were only 5 with perfect attendance, and he was the only boy)

And - as a bonus - he is officially OFF OF HIS IEP!!!!! He's had an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) since he was 3-1/2, and he has done so well that he no longer qualifies!! Nope, not proud of him or anything... :-)

Yesterday was my 16th anniversary, and of course Kevin forgot. He spent most of the day sleeping anyway, because he had to work 5 - 10 am, 7-12 pm, and then 5-9 this morning. At least he's working for now...

As a consolation, though, the yarn for my next KnitPicks project arrived yesterday afternoon about 3:00!! Looky here! You're right - you've never seen this before! It's the new Wool of the Andes BULKY, in solid and handpaint! They're introducing it this fall - they had to ship this direct from Washington because it's not in the Grove City wardhouse yet. I'm making the hooded sweater from Big Needle Knitting (I'm trying to find an image, but I'm not having any luck - I really need to hook up my scanner!) By 3:30 I had wound a few skeins and cast on - I finished about 8-1/2" by the end of the evening Size 11 needles makes it go pretty fast! The handpainted yarn is a variation of the solid yarn (gray - the same as the main color, light gray and white) so the slip-stitch colorwork doesn't really show up as well as it could, but it's still going to be pretty when it's done, I think

I took 3 pictures on the last day of school - this is the room that I've been stuck in for the last 3 years. Fill it with 18-20 juvenile delinquents, and this room will suck the soul right out of you.

With any luck, I'll never see it again...but my school district never lets a good job go unpunished.


Anonymous Nancy J said...

Yeah last day of school! Yeah Kyle! DH needs a note left on the wall in back of the johns to remind him about such things as anniversaries! There's a funny thing about school districts...they're like that, yes they are 8-{

7:18 AM  
Anonymous bridget said...

The sweater looks great! I am so glad the yarn got to you before the weekend. Do you like the yarn so far?
Let me know!

Happy knitting Kim!


4:35 PM  

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