Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday Stuff

I took a free online literacy class through my school system. I had to show up for the introductory class, and then the rest was done online. I got 25 professional development hours, books, a $50 Visa gift card (worth $46.50 after the service charge) for supplies, and this:
A 2GB IPod Nano! Kelson has already claimed it - we're calling it an early birthday present. He gave me his 256 mb MP3 player that we got him for Christmas. I'm going to use the gift card to buy more time on my TracPhone. Did I mention that the class was free? :-) I'm taking another (free!) class in June - I'll get another IPod, (this one's mine!) books, and a $400 stipend! If I decide to use the class for graduate credit, I won't get the stipend, but I'm thinking that the $400 sure would come in handy for Knitting Camp at the end of July!

I'm almost halfway up the foot of the sock I started on Monday:To answer Bev's question, the sock yarn in the previous post is Socks that Rock, medium weight. (100% superwash merino) The unopened skein is "Farmhouse," and the skein I'm using is "Garnet - something." I'll be able to fill in the "something" as soon as I find the label. :-) UPDATE: I found the label - it's "Garnet Dreams." This yarn is really, really nice - very tightly spun, so I won't worry as much about wear. I started with 10 stitches, knit those, picked up the stitches on the back of the needle, and started knitting around - the same method as the 2-circular cast-on, but with dpns. I'm using size 1 Inox needles.

My sister found these for me in an after-Easter sale - 8" tall, squooshy Peeps!!!


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