Wednesday, May 31, 2006


From this rather awkward looking beginning, a month later, the Socks that Rock socks are done!

I can't believe that it took me a month to finish these! They're made just for me - I have a wide foot and a narrow heel. The sock on the right has been washed, and the one on the left is right off of the needles. It's amazing how much these soften up after a wash; this yarn feels very stiff until then. This is Socks that Rock medium weight, Garnet Dreams, knit on size 1 Inox needles.

One of the reasons I've been slacking in the sock knitting department - I bought a 2000 yard cone of superwash 80/20 wool/nylon sock yarn from Boogie. I wound off about 500 yards, and played with my dyes. I finished a short row toe - I love how it's starting out!

I sprinkled black dye powder on the wet yarn, squooshed it in a little bit, dunked the whole skein in gun metal blue, and then dropped small sections into the pot for a stronger dye in those spots. This is knit on my new size 0 5" Brittanys. This stuff is SOFT!

When it's 90+ degrees outside, tired puppies enjoy the air conditioning:


Blogger tatjana said...

those socks look awesome!! i really love the colours. it looks like the blue ones will be really nice too.

4:12 AM  
Anonymous Bev said...

My dog has been loving the AC too. The socks look fantastic and the colors of the cone are fabulous. I think you're so creative with the soap making and all the other things you do.

9:16 AM  
Blogger Nit One Perl Two said...

I am so happy I found your site. It appears we have more in common than knitting! I'll let you know when I complete the "world renound" triple lindee patern!

6:53 PM  
Blogger blueadt said...

You've had the same bizzare comment from 'nit one perl two' as me!

I daren't let the girls see Gracie on the sofa - it'd give them ideas.....

4:07 PM  

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