Monday, May 15, 2006

SP8 and the sock

My SP8 Questionaire is here - it's nearly identical to the SP6 & 7, so we'll go with that again. :-) SP8 starts today - I got an email from my secret pal, but I've never received the information for my own pal!! I emailed the hostess nearly 12 hours ago, but still no response...

Yesterday morning, the sock looked like this - almost out of yarn and nearly ready to cast off:

Two minutes later, it looked like this:

I had started the ribbing too early, and just knit away on it Saturday night while I was watching TV. Unfortunately, I didn't think to try it on until yesterday morning - when I discovered that the ribbing started right on my ankle bone, and that caused the ribbing to roll down on my foot. Grrrr. I'm now into the ribbing again, but it's about 2 inches farther up on the sock. This yarn calls for size 2-3 needles, and I'm knitting it on size 1, so it's a tad slower going, but it should wear like iron. I've had to rip back enough on this thing that I've probably knitted at least 2 socks worth of yarn on the way to getting this one done!

16 school days left...........


Blogger Teyani said...

those sure are pretty - and you'll be glad you ripped. :-) Take it from one who does that ruthlessly when needed !
Congrats on the nearing end of the school year.

10:43 PM  

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