Saturday, September 02, 2006

Long Weekend Ramblings

Our football team played Lakewood last night (and we beat them 42-8). The band buses were really late getting home last night because as our buses were leaving Lakewood, somebody threw a handful of rocks at one of them. The rocks broke one of the bus windows, and one of the rocks hit Kelson in the head. Luckily, nobody (including Kelson) was hurt, but they had to unload the bus, transfer the students to the remaining 4 buses, and wait for the police to show up. The problem was, the police never showed, (way to go, Lakewood!!) so they had to get permission to leave the scene. As soon as they finally arrived at the school, the fire alarm went off inside, and they couldn't do anything until the fire department showed up. There wasn't a fire, but it sure delayed things quite a bit. The game ended at 9:30, and we got home at midnight.
But we got up early this morning because...

Know who this is?

This is the University of Wisconsin Marching Band! The boys and I went to see them practice this morning - the Badgers were staying in a hotel in Strongsville, and they used one of the school football fields to practice. It was about 58 degrees and drizzling, but it was well worth watching. Wisconsin is playing Bowling Green today at Cleveland Browns Stadium. These are only the upper classmen; one of the U of W announcers was sitting next to us, and he said that the freshmen just tried out this past week.

16 tubas!

The drum major was really funny after the practice was over; he gathered the band around the ladder, stood up on it and starting giving a pep talk. He kept saying that the band should be prepared to be booed, mistreated and have garbage thrown at them! Yep, those garbage-throwing rabble-rousers from just never know when they'll show up!

I've started another sweater for KnitPicks:

This is going to be the Sloppy Joe Sweater from Louisa Harding's new book that's due out in October. I'm knitting it in Wool of the Andes Rain. The yarn came yesterday afternoon, and I have less than 3 weeks to get it done and out of here. The clock is ticking....

I've started spinning the Sweet Georgia roving

Boy, this is nice stuff!! The picture doesn't really show the color variations very well.

While I was waiting for the new KnitPicks project to arrive, I decided to be a lemming start another sock. I had a skein of Fortissima 1000 sitting around, so I cast on a Pomatomus. The jury's still out on this pattern; the design in the pattern actually shows up better than the picture would have you believe. If nothing else, I'll have another pair of socks...


Blogger Teyani said...

that sweet georgia spinning is fabulous!!!

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Lael said...

Gotta love that University of Wisconsin Marching Band (of course, as a UW alum, I guess I AM a little bit biased!!) By the way, Wisconsin won the game -- love following your KnitPicks projects and then looking for them in the catalogue.

9:46 PM  
Blogger tatjana said...

I'm glad Kelson didn't get hurt, what a dumb thing to do! That roving looks positively scrumptious, will it be a shawl?

4:20 PM  
Blogger cosmo_dk said...

Kim -

I'm too tired to locate your email addy. Just wanted to tell you that you were the BRIGHTEST part of Knitting Camp this year. I'm so glad you were there!

I'm in the midst of moving my parents into a retirement center, in the midst of health crisis. I'll email with knitting excitement or something one of these days.


6:14 PM  

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