Thursday, December 07, 2006

(Hopefully) out of my blogging malaise...

It's been a very hectic, frazzled couple of weeks. I've been overrun with JDs at school (24 on Tuesday...and I only have 21 seats in my room!), and by the time I get home, I hardly feel like reading emails, let alone updating my blog.

My Secret Pal Strikes again!!!! Woohoo!!!
After an incredibly crummy day yesterday, I came home to find this very colorful box:
and inside, a yarn I've never played with before:
Malabrigo!!! This yarn is actually a very pretty purple, but for some reason it kept photographing as blue. This is incredibly soft and squooshy - I think that it's either going to be a scarf or mittens...I absolutely love it!!! :-)

There was a jar of Body Scrub that smells absolutely divine - it's already in the shower

and a really nice journal/notepad set!

Thanks for making my day, secret pal!!!

We were sent home from school early today because of the weather. We had 6 inches of snow fall between 6:00 this morning and 1:00 this afternoon...and more is supposed to be on its way (chant with me, please....snow day snow day snow day!).

Gracie made the most of the first snowfall of the season:


Anonymous Nancy J said...

You go, Gracie! Hope you got your snow day, Kim! (We didn't even have a delay despite icy roads in patches and below zero windchill, only 2 inches of blowing snow!)If you haven't checked Meg's website the last 2 days -- new goodies!

10:21 AM  
Blogger Gina said...

Hi Kim,
You visited my blog this morning and you were hit # 11, 994, and the closest identifiable person (Google doesn't count) to 12,000. I think that's really cool, so I came to see you. Hope you voted in the blog poll!

5:37 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Malabrigo...uh, oh! Watch out - that yarn will have you hooked! :)

9:00 PM  

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