Saturday, November 11, 2006

Rainy Saturday...

Kelson is in Indianapolis; the band didn't make the semi-finals. (Crud!) He'll be home at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Kevin and Kyle are sitting in a tree stand deer hunting in the rain, and I've been canning everything that isn't nailed down - or at least it seems that way. Turkeys were on sale at Giant Eagle (77 cents a pound), so I pressure cooked a 12 pounder and then canned 6 pints of turkey and 2 pints of broth. I had enough left over to make a big batch of turkey and dumplings for dinner. I went through the freezer and found some pieces-parts from last year's deer; there are 4 quarts of venison in the canner right now.

In between batches, I've been knitting on a sleeve for the sweater.

When it's a rainy, dreary day and you're tired from standing over a canning kettle all day, it's always fun to sit down and watch puppies. :-)


Anonymous Nancy J said...

Gee, our Giant Eagle is still selling turkeys at the regular price! Boo Hiss!

6:59 PM  

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