Monday, April 27, 2009

Paging Dr. Frankenstein!

Warning - don't look if you're squeamish! ;-)

I got my cast off today. The doctor says that I'm doing well, and that it was a pretty big cyst (it had grown to almost twice its size since the MRI 2 weeks before). He put the cast back on, but with an ace bandage so that I can remove it to shower.

Anyway, this should leave an interesting scar:
Next week, when the swelling goes down, I can go back to my smaller, hard splint for a couple of weeks.

Tick is doing much better - the cortisone shot did wonders! His blood work came back pretty okay (he has an elevated liver enzyme, but in a dog his age, the vet isn't too worried unless he really starts acting sick). If the shot wears off in a week or two, he'll give him cortisone pills to keep him comfortable. He's going down the steps to go outside, but he's still skittish about coming back we carry him. Luckily he's not Gracie's size! :-)

I gave my presentation for my Ed. Psych class this evening - 30% of my grade, and I had to do it without my pain medication (I can't drive that far on Vicodin!). I think that it went pretty well - I received pretty good feedback from the class. We'll see!

I'm going back to work tomorrow - this should be interesting without my pain meds!


Blogger Lisa Connor said...

I can relate to you. I am a avid knitter too. I broke my right hand almost 3 years ago from a fall. I am right handed too. I had 5 pins put in. I have a 4 in scar on the back of my hand and a 3 in scar on the inside of my wrist. It took 7 months of physical therapy. I'm ok now but have limited range of motion. I'll pray for you to have a speedy recovery. Lisa

10:18 AM  
Blogger zippiknits said...

my scar sort of curves over to the right like that, too.

How is that knitting going, and all the rest of your busy schedule? I know it's not fair to ask a question in a comment, but I'll be back to see how your getting on.

Take care! Glad it's over.

1:32 AM  

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