Friday, July 07, 2006

buttons...and an experiment

The boys and I stopped at Joann Fabrics on the way home from Dad's house yesterday. We went in search of buttons for the baby sweater...and I told them to each pick out a set that would go well with the sweater. When left to their own devices (and a baby sweater in their hands), they did pretty well.

Kyle found these:

And Kelson found these:

I really, really like both sets of buttons. For practicality's sake, though, I think I'm going to go with the silver buttons. They have a nice, sturdy shank and they're easier to put through the buttonholes. I remember trying to dress a squirming baby; the easier the better. :-)

While I'm waiting for the yarn for my next KnitPicks project, I decided to try an experiment. {Yes, Nancy, I know...I still havent started my movie prop for camp... ;-) } The hoodie sweater was knit on huge (size 11) needles with bulky yarn, so could I use the exact same pattern, smaller needles and light wortsed yarn to make a child's sweater? So far the results look promising

See where I missed the slip stitches in the middle? (Twice!!) I'm going to duplicate stitch over them when I'm done - I don't feel like ripping anythng at the moment. In my head, this is going to become a zip-front cardigan instead of a pullover.


Anonymous Nancy J said...

good experiment there! you'll get the prop done in time.... (last year at this time we were finishing up day 1's class!)

2:49 PM  

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