Monday, July 03, 2006

Playing catch-up...

Let's see....where to start...

On Friday, Dad had this surgery on his neck. Scary stuff, but when you compound it with diabetes, heart problems (triple bypass a few years ago), and myasthenia gravis, it's even scarier. He had plasmapheresis four times in the week prior to the surgery. They also found a bone spur as well as the ruptured disc. They put him into the ICU that afternoon, and he went home the next day! :-) They were really surprised at how well he recovered - they had planned to put him into the cardiac step-down unit for at least another day. When Dad puts his mind to something, though, it's amazing what he can do!!

The next morning was my niece's wedding (Kevin's sister's daughter). The wedding was at 10:00 in Parma, and the reception was at 6:00 in Medina. The reception was very nice, although the servers actually took Kelson's plate away from him while he was still eating! We did manage to get a decent family picture: I finished the KnitPicks socks over the weekend. These should be in the next catalog... They definitely turned out better than I thought they would!! While I was at the hospital on Friday, I brought out the blue sock that I had been working on, and I snapped 2 of my size 0 5" Brittany Birches!!! I've emailed the company to see if they'll replace them - I've never snapped a needle, let alone 2 in the same day!!

Saturday's mail brought this skein of yarn from Julie:

She has started hand-painting, and I designed a button for her she sent me this skein. It's much, much prettier than the picture shows, and now I need to see what it wants to be. :-) Thanks, Julie!!!

I don't have very much for the fair this year, and I'm going to be at Knitting Camp when the entries have to be taken in. Hopefully Kevin will be willing to take my entries over. I was planning to make a Dale of Norway sweater for my friend Wendy's baby that's due in October, but I don't think that I could get it done in time for the I'm swiping borrowing the Yarn Harlot's idea and making the Pea Pod Baby sweater instead. Knowing Wendy, this sweater definitely needs to be machine washable, so I cast on yesterday with some Sirdar Country Style that I had hiding in the bottom of one of my stash bins:

One repeat of the pattern is done; 3 more repeats and the body is nearly done. Here's a poorly photographed picture of the pattern

I still need to start knitting my movie prop for Knitting Camp, too...


Blogger tatjana said...

I really love the mix of greens, and it suits the leaf pattern on the sweater really well!

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Bev said...

Wow, things have been very busy for you lately. I hope the recovery from the surgery goes well for him, and it was niece to see the family pic from the wedding. The socks look good too me but the heels seem a little wierd. Were they just regular short rows?

6:32 PM  

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