Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Finally! An update!

Let's see, where to start...

The ball joints started going on the Durango last week. :-( Mom and Dad offered to get it fixed for me for Christmas (THANK YOU, Mom and Dad!!), so I got it down to their house in Canton. Dad picked up the truck from the mechanic last Thursday, and he parked it in his driveway. It was locked, and there was absolutely nothing in it, but that didn't stop some raging moron from doing this:

See all of that glass on the ground? That used to be my passenger side front window. Somebody used a crowbar to pry out the window, and they scattered the contents of my glovebox all over the front seat. Absolutely nothing was stolen, but it cost me $216 to replace the window. Of course, my deductible is $500, and the supplemental insurance policy that I bought only reimburses me if I actually *hit* the deductible. I may just have the adjuster out to look at the window frame - I have $284 to go until I hit the $500 deductible, but then I can actually get it all back under the moronic rules of the reimbursement policy. Grrr. The idiots that did this left their baseball cap on the ground next to the truck, though - if anybody knows someone in the Canton/North Canton area with the initals "S.U." and that person *used* to have a cap with the "U.S.S. Washington" on the front, please call the Canton police.

Kelson didn't have school Friday because the high school had a rather severe electrical problem. After digging up the entire football practice field, they found the burned wiring and fixed it. Tuesday, the busses were turned around in the parking lot because some idiot had called in another bomb threat. Lovely. At this rate, they won't have any snow days left by the time winter gets here!

In the meantime, I've been knitting...and knitting...and getting nowhere, it seems. I've had the yarn for this sweater for 12 days, and I'm only this far

(the top edging is rolled in on itself - it's not really that narrow on the sweater or the sleeve) I do have about 7 inches done on the back (or is it the front? They're both the same), but this sweater is sooooo boring to knit that I keep putting it down. Since it has to be in Washington on the 22nd, this is definitely a problem! I've been fighting a cold/bronchitis thing since Thursday, which isn't helping either. (Good old back to school germs! Gotta love 'em!)

Tomorrow night is Kelson's Open House at the high school, Friday night is a home football game, Saturday I'm taking the truck back down to Canton so the mechanics can redo the front-end alignment (please. Don't ask), and then I'm going to Kelson's band competition in Louisville, and Sunday we're going to the Yankee Peddler. If you happen to go to any of these events, I'll be the one walking around knitting...and knitting...


Blogger Ana said...

What a shame, I guess it can happen anywhere! Senseless vandalism!

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