Saturday, December 08, 2007


Sabrina put her pictures up! :-) Check out her blog here or click on the very first link under "blogs I read" - the one called "Niqui."

I think that the Grady Sizemore dog tag gave me away, or maybe it was the Indians visor, or the Chief Wahoo candy bar...

(and yes, Sabrina, I still have sock yarn - and roving - left in my house...)

That was definitely the most fun - and the most difficult - of all of the Secret Pal swaps! Sabrina and I email each other many, many times a week, and she definitely knows my writing style. I had to word each anonymous email *very* carefully so that I wouldn't give myself away. I definitely had a blast gathering things to throw into her final box!

And thanks, also, to Molly, who helped me with the first package. I sent some of Sabrina's goodies to her and she put her daughter's return address on it and mailed it off to Chicago. :-)


Blogger Dusty said...

Carol's Clever Shawl

Love it. Do you know where I might obtain this pattern. I have been searching all over for it.


8:52 AM  

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