Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back in the Game!

I went back to work today, and it went pretty well. I took a half of a Vicodin every 4 hours or so - enough to take the edge off of the ache, but not enough to make me loopy. I wore my sling today, too. I really, really hate that thing, but it keeps me from letting my hand drop below my waist - when that happens for more than a minute, my whole hand starts aching. I'm happily medicated now, so my wrist is feeling pretty okay for the moment.

Which leads me to the other good thing - I'm able to knit! I just knit 2" on the back of the men's sweater that I'm working on, and I'm taking a break for a little while before I pick it up again this evening. It's slow (usually 2" on a sweater is what I do when I sit down to take a break from something else, and this took almost an hour), but it's more than I've been able to do since my surgery...and that makes me happy. :-) I'll hit my deadline for this sweater yet!

I njust got a 6 minute (!) recorded message from the boys' school superintendant about the swine flu. In a (much shorter) nutshell, there are no cases in the district, wash your hands, and keep your kids home if they're sick. 6 minutes was a little bit much, I think! Common sense needs to rule the day here, and panic won't accomplish anything.


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