Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Belated Birthday presents

Sabrina sent me a HUGE belated birthday box about 2 weeks ago, but I haven't been able to sit down at a computer to download all of the pictures!
London Brochures! Tube Maps! :-)
In the box.....
A small, tightly wrapped package... that, when unfolded, revealed this awesome t-shirt! Fear The Dachsund! Woof! I wore it to school the next day. :-)

Intelligentsia Coffee. Wow, this stuff smells good! As soon as Sabrina comes to visit with her coffee grinder, I'm going to brew this! I love a good coffee (I drink mine black, thank you) and this smells like really good coffee!!! Mmmmmm.....
Approximately 450 yards of superwash merino sock-weight yarn, dyed by Sabrina (and smiley face stitch markers!) The picture doesn't do this yarn justice - the colors are just plain gorgeous. A ball of superwash merino from My Small Wonders. The colors are just wild - I love it! I'm thinking that it needs to be a pair of sideways gloves.
4 oz of Montadale top in the color "Prairie Blossoms. This is from Esther's Place Fibers, and it is gorgeous! It just feels like it needs to be a pair of socks!
BFL from Sandy's Palette! I've already spun about 300 yards of worsted weight - when I get my camera back out, I'll show you. This is *nice* fiber - I love BFL!
Art Yarns UltraMerino 4. 2 skeins. No, I'm not sharing, but thanks for asking! :-)I met Sabrina 7 years ago through the Ohio Soapers. Sabrina lives in Chicago, but she drives here every year to attend our annual gathering. To put it very succinctly, Sabrina makes VERY nice soap, and now some of it is mine! :-)
This tin? Full of homemade Christmas candy. Put it this way - Sabrina makes good Christmas candy. :-) I wish I could show you more, but the evidence seems to have disappearedYep, Sabrina spoils me rotten!
I will, however, get her back. Her 30th birthday was January 8th, you see, and one belated birthday box deserves another. :-)
I hope they never pass a law about transporting fiber across state lines...


Blogger sabrina d. said...

You know, Groundhog Day's just around the corner, too... this could get dangerous. :-)

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